What Should You Wear for Yoga?

What Should You Wear for Yoga?, ,

Yoga has been in practice for centuries. This exercise involves transitioning through a series of motions meant to increase strength and flexibility. This somewhat-meditative process also reduces stress. To feel your most comfortable while engaged in this activity, individuals should wear appropriate exercise clothing. The guide below looks at some of the pieces to add to your wardrobe.

3 Critical Pieces of Exercise Clothing for Yoga

1. Sports Bras

The bras you wear daily often do not provide as much support as you need to work out. Don a tighter, more compressive bra if you’re going to a vinyasa or flow class. Many individuals feel comfortable in high-neck options that limit cleavage and look cute with a tank or crop.

Many yoga shirts have built-in shelf bras that work well for people with smaller chests. Some sports bras have pockets on the racerback for a phone and keys. Many people do yoga wearing just a bra and leggings, so don’t hesitate to invest in ones that make you feel your best.

2. Tank Tops

exercise clothing Denver County COThere are many types of tank tops available for yoga. Some people prefer tight-fitting ones that will not ride up when exercising while others enjoy looser fitting tops with longer backs to cover their behinds. 

If you’re going to a class that includes inversions like headstands, shoulder stands, or crows, you may want a top that has a tie at the bottom to keep the shirt from slipping when you’re upside down. Try a variety of choices to see which is the most comfortable for you. 

3. Leggings 

Many people prefer leggings for exercise because they are flexible enough to allow a full range of movement while also being tight enough that they don't get in the way of a pose. Look for a pair that is not see-through when you bend down. If you’re worried about the bottom hems slipping upward, try ones that cover your heel and end near the foot arch. 

Synthetic fibers like spandex and nylon are durable and stretchy while promoting breathability. High-quality designs help wick away moisture to help you avoid overheating. 

For added practicality, look for leggings with pockets on the thighs that will fit a phone or wallet so that you do not need to carry a bag with you when you wear them casually.