3 Benefits of High-Waisted Workout Apparel


High-waisted leggings and shorts have become popular in women’s gym wear. This trend of raising the waistband offers some benefits that you cannot get with clothing that ends at the hip. If any of the following seem important to you, consider investing in a pair or two.

Why Is High-Waisted Gym Wear Popular?

1. Slimming Effect

Gym wear material, which is often a mixture of spandex and polyester, hugs the body to provide support. The high waistline allows that material to tuck in any fat in your lower belly or on the lower back. It stops where your stomach is slimmest, making it a flattering way to enhance and smooth your curves.

2. Fashionable Look

High-waisted leggings are currently very fashionable. They work best with a long-line sports bra—which has extra fabric underneath the bra band to provide more coverage—or with a crop top which stops at around your belly button. This type of top highlights the slimming effect and shows off your high waistline for an eye-catching silhouette. When you feel confident, you’re inspired to get more out of your workout.

3. Stay in Place

It can be hard to focus on your workout when your leggings are rolling or sliding down. A normal waistline gives everyone a view when you bend over for a squat on the rack or perform downward-facing dog in yoga class. By contrast, a high waist has that extra fabric and support to stay firmly in place, so you can be confident getting into the routine. You also won't have to stop to make clothing adjustments.

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