3 Running Gear Essentials for Women

Running burns calories, reduces stress, and strengthens your muscles and joints. If you are new to the activity, it's important to find the right gear and accessories to keep you comfortable while preventing injuries. Here are a few items to have in your fitness arsenal. 

What Running Gear Do You Need to Get Started?

1. Running Shoes

There are plenty of suitable running shoes available at varying price points, so don't think you need the most expensive option. However, look for shoes that fit snugly while still allowing you to wiggle your toes easily. They must also provide sufficient arch support and cushion the feet upon impact with the pavement. Since wear can affect your form, get a new pair approximately every 450 miles.


2. Sports Bra

A good sports bra should be tight enough to provide proper support during runs but not so tight that you will experience discomfort. On the other hand, a sports bra that is too loose puts you at risk of chafing from the fabric moving while you run. To avoid either of these scenarios, choose one with a bottom band that fits snugly around your rib cage and doesn't ride up as you move. You should also be able to place no more than two fingers under the shoulder straps. 

3. Leggings

Fitness leggings keep your legs warm in cooler weather while also offering full coverage to prevent chafing. Made of spandex, polyester, and other synthetic materials, they are made to provide stretch and wick away sweat from physical activity. When the weather heats up in the spring and summer, you can switch to 3/4 leggings, which stop at the calf, or bike shorts. Many options are also available with pockets to ensure you can carry your wallet and phone easily while going out for a run. 

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