5 Tips to Increase Flexibility in Yoga

The minute you Google “yoga” and see those pictures of people in crazy poses touching their toes and raising their backs high or standing on one leg and holding the other, you think to yourself: “NOPE! I’m out of here. No way I can do that. I’m not flexible enough.”

Flexibility is the end, not the means when it comes to yoga. You practice yoga in order to be flexible not BECAUSE you are flexible. Don’t worry too much about being flexible and check these tips to help you quickly increase your flexibility. 

1. Always warm-up before

The very first thing you must do before doing yoga is warming up to get loose. Do some pelvic tilts, leg stretch, and Cat-Cow Stretch to loosen your body. Choose from the easy stretching poses and do a couple of them for a while before you start your yoga practice.



2. Push your limits:

Of course, you don’t want to force yourself too hard and hurt your muscles, but you don’t as well want to stay where you are forever. Challenge yourself and give yourself a further point to reach every time. Having a yoga trainer can help encourage you to push your limits and don’t quickly give up.

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3. Use ropes and straps:

It’s ok to get a little help using yoga accessories especially ropes and straps to stretch and reach put to toes or bending all the way back. Yoga Blocks as well can help in forwarding folds to find better alignment. Generally speaking, blocks will support your hands and knees to increase your back, arms, and legs flexibility.

Ygoa Blocks

4. Breath and then breathe some more:

Breathing easy and slowly helps your muscles stretch. With each inhale, focus on alignment and check on the integrity of your posture, and with each exhale, think about letting go and sinking a little deeper into the posture. Remember to also, remain calm and stay relaxed. A lot of our muscle tension comes from your brain and its doubts, leading the sympathetic nervous system triggers muscle contraction. Keep your breath long and smooth and remind yourself that you are safe so your brain and nervous system can relax. This will inevitably lead to your muscles relaxing.

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5. Give it some time:

Give yourself more time and don’t end it too soon. Your muscles need time to relax. Staying in a pose for five breaths is good for your muscles. Stay for few long minutes and you will be amazed by how much deeper your muscles relaxed at the end compared to when you started.

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And finally, the most important thing is to keep practicing. Keep practicing yoga and your flexibility will increase with every time. Keep in mind all the tips mentioned and enjoy a flexible and strong body.

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