Title 4 Do's & Don'ts When Dressing for Winter


Not only does Colorado regularly have temperatures that dip below freezing in the winter, but also high winds that contribute to the chill factor. As such, many choose to prioritize warmth when buying women's clothing for the season. However, there are several ways to remain fashionable while keeping cozy and comfortable, as the guide below explains. 


Wear clothes with warm linings.

Lined women's clothing provides insulation to help you retain body heat and stay warm. Fleece-lined leggings, tights, and sweaters are available in various colors and patterns that you can match with other garments. If you have unlined sweaters or shirts, add insulation by wearing long-sleeved athletic shirts beneath them. 

Enjoy the versatility of leggings.

Leggings hug your body closely, which keeps your body warm, and you can style them in several ways. Keep your look minimal by wearing them under a belted sweater dress with ankle boots, or make a stylish statement by pairing them with a leather skirt, cashmere top, and cropped jacket.


Avoid colors.

Winter outerwear is often available in black, beige, and white tones. Though neutrals never go out of style, don't be afraid to choose jackets in bold and eye-catching colors. You can also play off a neutral coat by opting for bright or patterned pants or leggings. Adding accessory layers like a fun scarf or hat can also demonstrate your personal style while contributing warmth and comfort.

Forget to layer strategically.

Due to the bright Colorado sun, temperatures can fluctuate wildly from freezing to toasty in the winter. As such, opt to wear clothing in layers so you can make adjustments as the day proceeds. When planning your outfit, consider how it will look in these various stages. For example, choose bottoms that look cute with a base layer top, as well as with something bulkier like a sweater or coat.

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