We have spent a lot of time researching, traveling, designing, sourcing and listening to our customers in hopes of designing the most comfortable, stylish and functional athleisure line on the market.


 Athleisure - Style and comfort are the most important factors when picking out your clothing in the morning. No more scuba like material, the POP Fit girl puts comfort and style above all else. Heavier more durable fabric designed for your daily casual wear or the gym. #SquatTestApproved.
 Leisure - So comfortable that you may forget you are wearing pants. Replace your jeans, leisurewear, and sweat pants! Very light, thin, breathable and super soft. Not designed for the gym, but who are we to tell you what to do. Our Leisure leggings are soft and light, perfect for running your errands, lounging at home or heading to school or work (we wear leggings to work at POP Fit). Light and breathable fabrics specially designed for extreme comfort, durability and style.


 Ultra Slim Fit – Our tightest fit leggings. We recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes.
 Slim Fit – Our skinny / tight fit. This is our signature POP Fit fit. We recommend sizing up 1 size if you want more stretch.
 Regular Fit – Our standard / wide fit.
 Relaxed Fit – Our regular leggings coupled with a relaxed waistband.

 Capri Length – Leggings that are 3/4 the Regular Length.
 Regular Length – Standard length leggings.
 Full Length – Full length are slightly longer than our regular length. Designed with a goal of having no gaps between the bottom of the pant and the top of your foot. This is our signature POP Fit length. 

 Ultra High-Waisted – All styles reach to your waistline. Option to fold down the band to make these leggings mid-rise.
 High-Waisted – Some styles cover your navel and some styles rise to just below. This is our signature POP Fit rise.
 Mid-Rise – Styles that hit you between your hip and just below your navel.


 4-Way Stretch Material – Our specially designed four way stretch blend material (most are a poly / spandex blend) is sure to keep it shape. No more pants that bag and sag! Only the most flattering fit is provided by POP Fit.

Back Design
The fit of the back of the pants is very important, perhaps the most important! We have spent a lot of time engineering the perfect fit and lift.

 Signature - No more of the leggings with the "T" shaped backs that do absolutely nothing for your backside. Our signature back design features double rows of curved stitching. This shape provides structure and shape to the back of the pant. This enhanced shape will shape and lift your butt.
 Classic - This is a more sophisticated version of the basic and boring leggings with the "T" shaped backs. Those boring "T" shaped backs do absolutely nothing for your backside. Our classic leg & back design features an extra structure to the outside of the leg from the top of the pant to the top of your thigh on the backside of the pants. This shape provides structure and shape to the back of the pant. This shape still provides shape and lift your butt.