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FashionForward21 - Marble Leggings - Grey

FashionForward21 - Marble Leggings - Grey

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Experience next-level comfort and performance with our new release Marble texture high waist!

The leggings feature a high-waisted cross-over band, which both accentuates the natural lines of your mid-section and avoids any unnecessary muffin tops.

  • 2 Pockets
  • High-waisted cross-over band.
  • Heart-shaped stitching is designed to lift and support the buttocks.
  • Sublimated print - the print will never crack or fade as it’s dyed into the fabric of the leggings.
  • Non-transparent - cannot see through the print or leggings.
  • Reinforced stitching for optimum durability.
  • Polyester/spandex blend suitable for any type of environment.

The polyester/spandex blend makes our breathable leggings extremely versatile and durable, designed to be worn and used in any type of rigorous environment. The high-waisted cross-over band and heart-shaped stitching, on the posterior of the leggings, create additional support and accentuates the natural curves around your buttocks, waist, and thigh area - giving a bit more lift to that hard-earned bum!

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